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★★★★ SHEEP HERO – The Protagonist
The documentary is definitely recommended. The cinematography is beautiful – even the Netherlands has beautiful nature – and more sincere than Stijn you hardly see them anymore.

The documentary SHEEP HERO is about the sheepherder Stijn. He is a traditional shepherd with an eye for nature. Not easy with the industrial environments are increasingly swallowing the heathlands . What we think of Sheep Hero, you can read in our review.

The story

Stijn is an traditional shepherd. He has a wife and two children and is a real romantic. Not only in love, but also when it comes to nature. Cities, villages, industrial areas and other developments are increasingly taking over the heathland. This conflicts with everything that Stijn has in mind. His ideals are different. Nevertheless, he will also have to adapt to the new system. After all, money has to pay the bill.

Our final opinion?

We also see them in our neighborhoods. Sheep eating all the grass away. No noise-producing lawnmowers, but just old-fashioned sheep, which are nicely blistering. That does give an atmosphere to a neighborhood. But that is exactly where Stijn is. Because it is precisely those neighborhoods in which we live that swallow up all nature. We are happy, but he is not, even though he earns his money with it.

And yet it is also market forces. People look at the money. That is the society in which we live. Is there something cheaper than we take that. Also the policymakers look at the money. One calls it patronizing, where the other finds it a logical choice. The money that is saved can then be used for other purposes. As a policy officer for a municipality, the documentary is also confrontational in that respect. Sometimes we also go too far in laws and regulations and we no longer look at people.

What we particularly liked was the sincerity. Stijn just has a vision and he likes to live by that. That he has become somewhat acidic over the years, we do not blame him on that. Especially if you see all the difficulties he is facing. The fact that sheep-keeping costs him a little extra money does not matter. Of course, he wants to take care of his family, but they do not need much. Gas, water and light are sufficient. And the peace and openness of the pastures. Freedom, decide for yourself. Without those machines, without people. Where nature is still nature. Just a pity that you do not earn any money with it.

The outcome of SHEEP HERO is already known. Stijn is no longer a shepherd, but somewhere in France. He misses the sheep, but not all that hassle around it. The documentary is definitely recommended. The cinematography is beautiful – even the Netherlands has beautiful nature – and more sincere that Stijn, you can hardly see them anymore. Someone who stands for something and goes for it. It is a pity that he could not keep up despite all attempts, but it is certainly understandable.