We appreciate it a lot if you buy our films, so that we can continue to make important documentaries in the future. Because of certain rights not all our films are available for purchase (yet).

An Institutional purchase (DVD or download), also known as an educational purchase, comes with Public Performance Rights, which allow an organization to screen the film for an audience, as long as no admission is charged, for the life of the media.

Do I need an Institutional purchase?

If you are inquiring on behalf of a school, university, library, gallery, or any community center (JCC, Girl Scout troops, etc.) and are not charging admission, you must purchase an Educational/ Institutional copy.
If you plan to charge admission to the screening, you do not qualify for an Educational/Institutional copy. If you are not charging admission, but you plan to use the screening as a fundraiser, you also do not qualify. In these cases, please contact us to book a non-theatrical screening of the film.