We appreciate it a lot if you buy our award winning documentaries, so that we can continue to make important films in the future. Because of rights not all documentaries are available yet, but please contact us if you are interested in other films.

An Institutional purchase (DVD or download), also known as an educational purchase, comes with Public Performance Rights, which allow an organization to screen the film for an audience, as long as no admission is charged, for the life of the media of with virtual links at least 3 years.

Do I need an Institutional purchase?

If you are inquiring on behalf of a school, university, library, gallery, or any community center (JCC, Girl Scout troops, etc.) and are not charging admission, you must purchase an Educational/ Institutional copy.
If you plan to charge admission to the screening, you do not qualify for an Educational/Institutional copy. If you are not charging admission, but you plan to use the screening as a fundraiser, you also do not qualify. In these cases, please contact us to book a non-theatrical screening of the film.

Rights & Restrictions
Purchases are for educational and non-theatrical playback only. Purchase of NEWTON film titles means long term lease for the life of the DVD purchased. All films distributed by NEWTON film are fully protected by Dutch copyright. Purchase, rental or preview DVD’s does not include rights to rent, loan for a fee, or sublicense to others. Films may not be altered, duplicated, reproduced, or televised in whole or in part without specific authorization from NEWTON film. Purchase of all NEWTON film titles includes public performance rights, allowing them to be shown before public audiences within libraries, educational institutions, and community centers. If you plan to show our titles at a paid admission screening or fund-raising event, you must inform us when you place your order. We sincerely hope you can place link to our website: https://newtonfilm.nl

Distance Learning & Multiple Copy Purchases
The prices listed on the website are for educational use on a single campus or library. Purchase does not include or imply the right to transmit videos by analog or digital means by broadcast, open-cable, direct broadcast satellite, internet or other means, or to any off-campus or distance learning site without consent from NEWTON film. We don’t offer duplication rights.

Upon receipt of each DVD, receiver shall examine it and shall within five days of receipt give written notice of any defect. However receiver cannot claim any quality standard beyond that which is commonly applied. Receiver will keep NEWTON film indemnified from and against all liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, damages and expenses arising out of any representation, screening or debate.