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New Teledoc Campus in development

A steel surface completely fills a dark image. Along with the sound of irregular thumping, a man’s breathing can be heard at close range, clearly exerting. From below, in the middle of the nighttime image, a small moving light suddenly appears. Gradually we can distinguish a rope ladder that runs vertically through the entire image. With a lantern on his head, a man climbs the rope ladder, steadily against a huge ship in the darkness.

ANIMA – the soul of the harbour is a documentary idea by Josefien van Kooten and Anna Witte produced by NEWTON film. The documentary script has been selected for further development within the Teledoc Campus project. Teledoc Campus is a collaborative project of NPO, CoBO, the NPO Fund and the Film Fund for the development of documentary talent in the Netherlands. In the coming months we will further develop the script of the 25-minute documentary and shoot test footage, which hopefully leads to the realisation of this extraordinary and visual film.