Project Description

LOVELY PLANET short film

A psychedelic trip through the eyes of a backpacker, who is also questioning the appropriateness of the critical mores of the Lonely Planet guide. Starting with a parachute jump, often manipulated images fly by at breakneck speed. In Lovely Planet our heart beats faster and our retina gets overloaded by images and impressions.

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LOVELY PLANET short experimental film

Lovely planet poster complete



Production: NEWTON film in coproduction with Submarine & BOS
Produced & directed by Ton van Zantvoort
Cinematography & editing by Ton van Zantvoort
Sound design & compositing Ton van Zantvoort
Music composed by Roy Bemelmans
Festival distribution: Eye Film Institute

LOVELY PLANET publications & screenings


NRC Next & NRC Handelsblad – Misstanden blijven bron van inspiratie, Lovely Planet

Centraal Museum Utrecht – exhibition: Recht voor zijn raap – Stip 2010 en kunst nu – Fonds BKVB

IFFB International Film Festival

Documenta Madrid Lovely Planet

Beats, Backpacks & Boeddha

BKKC- Film in Brabant 2010

Festival dei Popoli Florence IT

Documenta Madrid

Guanajuato International Film Festival

PAZZ performance art festival

Kino.Lab Warsaw – Dutch Experimental Film Programme

Filmbank/ Eye Film


Interviews (Dutch)
Audio interview Beats Backpacks & Boeddha (send email to listen this)

Radio interview – Grensgeluiden ( Border sounds) – 2010