The French theatrical release of SHEEP HERO kicks off on October 14th. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the release was delayed for a long time. The film will be shown in various cinemas across the country as NO WAY. The premiere will be launched in one of the best movie theatres in Paris, the 109-year-old Espace Saint-Michel, that will screen the film for about 10 weeks.

This week the film won an award at the International Green Screen Nature Film Festival in Eckernförde, last week another award at the International Film Festival in Bolivia and recently also awards in America, Canada and Japan. The film has won 20 awards and more than 35 nominations.
The film is also still showing at various film festivals worldwide, such as this month in Italy (Euganea Film Festival), Bolivia (FicLaPaz), Austria (Innsbruck Nature Film Festival), Germany (Greenscreen Naturfilmfestival), Poland (18th Włodzimierz Puchalski International Nature Film Festival ), Armenia (VI Apricot Tree Ujan International Documentary Film Festival in Armenia) and America (Workers Unite Festival). View all screenings on the site.

Green Screen: Jury rapport

Who wouldn’t want to live in harmony with nature as free as possible from financial and social constraints? This film’s protagonist is a shepherd who despite small accomplishments has to finally admit failure after numerous setbacks. The film accompanies him documenting his futile struggles for economic survival. His everyday life is ruled by constraints and regulations, legislation and poverty that leave no room whatsoever for idealism.
His story is contrasted by great images of Dutch Brabant and its largely intact nature. But nothing is as it appears. Stijn Hilger’s lonely struggle is a metaphor for a society that promotes close-to-nature agriculture but forgets its needs and does not subsidize it – declaring it a world cultural heritage instead. This documentation filmed over several years brings that home to us.
The complexity of this film debut is impressive. The Newcomer Award goes to Ton van Zantvoort for Sheep Hero

Shanghai 26th -Award-SHEEP-HERO
Shanghai 26th -Award-SHEEP-HERO