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Moja Mbegu is a 5 1/2 minutes poetic art film about a massai man and his ceremonial dance for water. This 8mm film was shot in the north of Kenya. An old man walks into his ‘farming’ landscape that is harassed by drought. The orange tinted images are in contrast with the green Dutch polder. A poetic portrait in an autonomous way, that shows the differences – or the similarities – with the Dutch climate. This film was made in the context of ‘SEED’ :

” In the heavily pressured countryside, everything starts with seed. Leave filmmakers give their vision of the countryside and you may then have seed from which something new proceeds. That idea takes shape in the Night of the Extraordinary Film. On ten separate screens in a field on the Langeweg near Zonnemaire. 

With Erik de Bruyn, Andries Meijsen, René Bosma, among others.

director, cinematographer, sound, editing : Ton van Zantvoort
language: Eastern Nilotic
Filming location: Turkana, Kenia
Format: 8mm film
length: 5.30 minutes
audio: stereo
premiere: 2005, Night of the Extraordinary Film, Zonnemaire