Have you seen the documentary film SHEEP HERO? Are you curious how Stijn and Anna are doing? On their site you can read that they had multiple setbacks. If wanted you can support them in several ways.

1. You can donate directly on

2. 80% of the profits of the very special artwork ‘Sheepfoldis donated to Stijn and Anna. Send your bid (opening bid at least € 6000,= excl VAT) to with subject: “bid Sheepfold”. The highest bidder at August 1st at 12 at noon will win and get a special mention (if desired).

3. We are working on a structural long-term solution: De Heideboerderij. More about this later.

  • Schaapskooi-detail- Steun schapenheld
Sheepfold. Material: metal, textile. Dim: 2140 x 880 x 1850 mm. Made by artist: Annerose
This work refers to animal cloning. Many sheep are used to create one new, artificial sheep. A kit-sheep, a constructed sheep, with all the best characteristics of each sheep packed into one big sheep. How appropriate for the SHEEP HERO film.