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How do two of the new generation’s most passionate designers, Nienke Hoogvliet (1989) and Dave Hakkens (1988), use design to tackle the world’s biggest problems?

script, director, cinematography & editing: Ton van Zantvoort
producer: Elbe Stevens Films
broadcaster: AVROTROS, Omroep Brabant
language/ subtitles: Dutch/ English
length: 52 minutes
format: DCP, ProRes, H264
September 2022
This film was made possible with financial support from CoBO, Brabant C, Omroep Brabant and the Pictoright Fund.

a WORLD to SHAPE trailer (English), documentary about Dave Hakkens & Nienke Hoogvliet, 2022

How do two of the new generation’s most passionate designers, Nienke Hoogvliet (1989) and Dave Hakkens (1988), use design to tackle the world’s biggest problems?


Nienke Hoogvliet (1989) and Dave Hakkens (1988) represent a new generation of contemporary Dutch Designers. This generation is acutely aware that raw materials are depleting, energy is scarce, and globalisation is driving new forms of small-scale production. As makers, they don’t care about existing boundaries between art, design and science.

In a WORLD to SHAPE, director Ton van Zantvoort guides you through the respective ingenuity of Nienke and Dave. Though they think differently, they are set on improving the world in their own inimitable ways. Nienke’s mission is to make the world’s second most polluting industry – the clothing industry – more sustainable. She is currently working on sustainable applications of seaweed, such as using it to make paint.

Dave’s ambition is equally ambitious. His Kamp project attempts to establish a living and working community that uses a minimal carbon footprint. He is building this community in Portugal, where he has bought nine hectares of land. He has created a blueprint for a new society and made it open source so that anyone can adopt and improve it, and the system can be used worldwide.

Where many people might see problems, Nienke and Dave envisage solutions. But how realistic are their ambitions? To find out, we join Dave and Nienke on their audacious quests.






a WORLD to SHAPE – Documentary art work, poster, flyer

Director Ton van Zantvoort (1979)

Ton van ZantvoortFilmography (selection)
SHEEP HERO, 81 min, 2018
THE BENNO TAPES, 54 min, 2015
Kees en Mien, 30 min, 2011
a BLOOMING BUSINESS, 52 min, 2009
GRITO de PIEDRA, 55 min, 2006
other films: Past as future, 18 min, 2011; Lovely Planet, 8 min, 2009; Carrousel, 7 min, 2010; Another day in Bombay, 10 min, 2007; Isla Totora, 10 min, 2007; Pack, 5 min, 2005; Moja Mbegu, 5 min, 2004; Items, 25 min, 2003, Khamuvillage, 25 min, 2003


Ton van Zantvoort (Heesch, 1979) is an acclaimed director, cinematographer and editor, whose films have screened at numerous prestigious A- film festivals. His work has been broadcast all over the world and he has won a dozen awards for best director, best cinematographer and best editor. More information: tonvanzantvoort.nl


script, director, DOP & editor
Ton van Zantvoort

sound recordist
Annerose Langeveld
Machiel van Hoek
Olivier Nijs

Jeroen Junte

2nd camera Portugal
De Wald Brand

Joost Seelen

editing advice
Ozan Olçay

Roy Bemelmans

Sound edit & mix
Olivier Nijs

Joel Sahuleka

Max Vonk & Jesse de Boer


Cihad Parlak

Nino Oosterwijk

Postproduction supervisor
Jessica Akkermans

juridical advice
Roland Wigman

Syrine Krabman

producer AVROTROS
José Schraauwers

line producer 
Julia van Schieveen

commissioning editor AVROTROS
Jessica Raspe

Elbe Stevens en Floor Krooi

thanks to
Anne Boermans, Tim Jongerius, Dorien Derksen, Ilse Hordijk, Hannah Braeken, Mathilde Chazal, Cedic Alfonsi, Adriana Duarte Costa, Jannita van den Haak, Jan Tap, Annemieke Koster & Ackelien Hageman, Willemien Ippel, Pascale Gatzen, Manon Dijkhuizen, Filip Sjogren, Alicia Minnaard, Rita Moreno, iedereen van Project Kamp & Precious Plastic o.a. Jason Knight, Adrian Cora, Malte Laren, Frederik Schwarz / Freddi , Michael Maerts, Nicolas, Aram Voermans, Marcel Melchers, Etienne van Nuland, Antoon en Ardie van Zantvoort, Nadine Bemelmans, Stichting Movie Scenes

A production by Elbe Stevens Films in coproduction with AVROTROS. This film was supported by CoBO, Brabant C, Omroep Brabant and Pictoright Fonds.

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8 September 19:00premiereNATLABThe NetherlandsEindhoven
14 September 20:00FREE talk with Jeroen JuntePakhuis de ZwijgerThe NetherlandsAmsterdamyes
30 Sep 21:15, 1 Oct 18:45, 2 Oct 16:30ADFF Architecture & Design Film FestivalCinépolis CinemasUSANew York
12 October 22:38tv broadcastAVROTROS Close UpThe Netherlands
25 October 19:30Dutch Design WeekNATLABThe NetherlandsEindhovenyes

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